In this post, we’ll create a VPC via CloudFormation templates.

Each AZ will have two subnets (public/private), and the public subnet associated with public route table which has internet gateway and the private subnet is associated with Nat Gateway.

Template stack details

  1. CIDR Range:
  2. PublicSubnet01: &&  PublicSubnet02:
  3. PrivateSubnet01: &&  PrivateSubnet02:
  4. EnableDnsSupport && EnableDnsHostnames
  5. Internet Gateway and NAT Gateway
  6. NACL
    Click Here to download the template

Step1: Login in AWS console and Open Cloudformation by click on Services -> Cloudformation

Step2: Click on Create Stack Option -> With new resources (standard)

follow the below steps:

Step 3: Enter the Stack name and verify/modify the CIDR range or Subnets.

After this Click on Next -> Review Everything and -> Click on Create Stack Option

It will take few minutes to create all the resources.

Verify: Click on Services -> VPC

Verify: VPC Subnets

By using above tutorial we have Created VPC bu using CLOUDFORMATION.

Please Drop Comment if you faced any issue at any point, I will try to help asap
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